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Esparza’s Tacos & Coffee

住所 ADDRESS 北谷町美浜3-1-10 Chatan, Mihama 3-1-10 営業時間 HOURS 11:00~22:00 (weekdays) 7:00~22:00 (weekends) 定休日 HOLIDAYS なし none サイト HOMEPAGE fb.com/pg/esparzastacosandcoffee 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEG OPTIONS Mexican food lovers, rejoice! Esparza's Tacos & Coffee serves 3 vegan tacos: "Very Vegan," which is filled with rice and grilled veggies, "Chunky Chorizo," with minced island [...]

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The Guacamole Burrito Truck

住所 ADDRESS 北谷町美浜1-2-12 Chatan, Mihama 1-2-12 営業時間 11:00~19:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS 月・火 MON/TUES サイト HOMEPAGE fb.com/pg/guacamole858.jp/ 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEGAN OPTIONS Don't let the beat up exterior fool you; the Guacamole Burrito Truck's burritos are delicious! The vegan option has rice, pico de gallo, and tons of guacamole. While there are no beans, [...]

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住所 ADDRESS 北谷町北前1-17-11 Chatan, Kitamae 1-17-11 営業時間 11:00~19:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS 木曜日 THURSDAYS サイト HOMEPAGE re-food.shopinfo.jp/ 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEGAN OPTIONS A small cafe and natural foods store, with a selection of organic vegan and gluten-free foods. Their cafe menu includes two vegan sandwiches, but the real draw is the case of [...]

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Stripe Noodles

住所 ADDRESS 北谷町字桑江100−1 Chatan, Kuwae 100 営業時間 HOURS lunch: 11:00 ~ 15:00 dinner: 17:00~22:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS なし NONE サイト HOMEPAGE fb.com/pg/StripeNoodles 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEG OPTIONS Stripe Noodles is a ramen shop on Route 58, currently serving one type of vegan ramen: tomato flavor. Ramen noodles are in a hearty [...]

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Green Leaf

住所 ADDRESS 北谷町北谷1丁目8−8 Chatan 1-8-8 営業時間 HOURS 10:00~19:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS なし NONE サイト HOMEPAGE www.greenleafoods.com 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEG OPTIONS Green Leaf is a little natural foods store across from Araha Beach, stocked full of vegan products and imported foods. They also sell smoothies, which you can take with you to enjoy [...]

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Bollywood Dreams

住所 ADDRESS 北谷美浜9-1 Chatan, Mihama 9-1 営業時間 HOURS lunch: 11:00 ~ 22:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS 水曜日 WEDNESDAY サイト HOMEPAGE bollywood-dreams.jp/bollywood-dreams/ 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEG OPTIONS Bollywood Dreams is an Indian restaurant across from Rocker's Cafe, adorned with photos of Bollywood films and actors. The vegan options include dishes like lentil curry and roti [...]

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