住所 ADDRESS 沖縄市室川1-10-30 1F Okinawa-shi, Murokawa 1-10-30 1F 営業時間 HOURS 11:30 ~ 15:00 営業日 DAYS OPEN 水、木曜日 WED/THURS ONLY サイト HOMEPAGE 特徴 MENU 完全ヴィーガン ALL VEGAN Specializing in Indian-style curry, Dosha serves incredibly fresh, aromatic, flavorful creations using mostly local and organic produce. Catering and vending at events is [...]

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Imacoco Cafe

住所 ADDRESS 沖縄市高原2-6-37Bella vista 901 Okinawa-shi, Takahara 2-6-37, Bella Vista 901 営業時間 HOURS 11:30~17:00 定休日 HOLIDAYS 不定休 IRREGULAR 特徴 MENU ヴィーガン対応 VEG OPTIONS Imacoco is a home-style cafe attached to a salon, with a beautiful view of Okinawa City. The menu consists of a daily plate, taco rice, and cashew [...]

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